TheNent | House in Bodø
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Location | Bodø [Norway]

February | 2014

This old factory is located just outside the city of Bodø, in a silent little forest of birches. The conversion of the space for residential purposes aimed to improve the natural light. In the living room, a big portion of the wall was removed, to let an higher amount of daylight to come in. Another aperture into the ceiling of the second floor was also provided to enlighten the area above the working desk, and allow a soft sky light to fall from the top.

Furnitures are modeled and designed from scratch.
Natural light studies

Initially, a white painted wood was chosen to covering the walls, to give a clean and modern style. Than thanks to the large windows, allowing more natural light, the use of natural wood, resulted giving a warmer feeling, and an enjoyable contrast with the cold white snow outside [which is in there for most of the year]. Following those decisions, the furniture are not overly modern, but essentially vintage, to give warmth and coziness to the living room and the whole house.