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“MEDUS.A” Venice, Italy

Vincent Lagan “Medus.A”

According to Irukandji project’s, I’ve been invited to composing and live performing a soundtrack about an Irukandji jellyfish bite.

IRUKANDJI : 18 – 25 october 2010 – Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael, Venice

Curated by: Michelangelo Corsaro, Marta Ferretti, Nina Fiocco, Giulia Gabrielli, Gaia Martino, Lorenzo Mazzi.

The event deals with the idea of impercettible change conceived as microchange that is able to provoke phenomena of great impact. Indeed we costantly witness an huge amount of macroscophical events without actually being aware of them. The expanding of a city, fashion changes, the action of an enzyme, a slow bone growt and the progressive ruining of a building, these are some of the changes that daily happens under our eyes and that are inevitably excluded from our perception. Althrough perception limits are totally evident, in many cases it is thanks to the awareness of this limit that rises the need to a greater attention toward what surrounds us. If, on one hand, the access to the imperceptible is guarantee from a higher level of attention to the reality that surrounds us, on the other hand it is necessary to have a multidisciplinary approach to reach a dynamic point of view. Only in this way it is possible to elaborate and gain new capacities and knowledge.