TheNent | The Nent : N_## [Live A\V]
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The Nent [Live AV]

Vince Gagliardi is a 3D artist and musician whose gradient dream-like aesthetic is rooted in a passion for broken ambient textures and eerie field recordings which he has gathered over the past fifteen years with the drive of documenting emotional stages of life.
The contact with music rekindled with the start of his audiovisual project The Nent, in which live percussions are combined to trigger sound and image in synesthetic fashion. The mix of dark ritual rhythm and surreal visual imagery challenge abstract connections that may occur in the perceiver’s mind at the flash of the seen and the heard.

The nent performed on the same bill with : Christian Fennesz , William Basinski, Abul Mogard, Island People, Pact Infernal, Phurpa, Noveller,and more.
Vince is also the visual artist behind the brand new Pact Infernal (Horo) A\V live set, and created visuals and music videos for many other projects.
He is a founding member of Berlin collective Metzger Therapie, which dedicates its activity to the promotion of immersive dark electronic music and noise projects. [by S. Mantarlian]

N_09 [live AV] @ WORM - ROTTERDAM 18.04.18 [ w/ Phurpa / Bong RA ]

N_08 [live AV] + visuals for PACT INFERNAL [ horo ] @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin 30.03.18 [ w/ Abul Mogard / Island People / Phurpa ]

N_04 [live AV] @ Funkhaus Berlin 12.01.18 [ opening WILLIAM BASINSKI's premiere + SKREI ]

N_05+06 [live AV] + visuals for PACT INFERNAL [horo] @ Church of San Michele in cioncio - Pistoia & @ First Floor Club / Neaples [ ITA ]Jan '18

N_03 [live AV] @Ex Krematorium in Wedding Silent green 17.10.17 [w\ FENNESZ - NOVELLER - ALTAJ ]

N_01[live AV] @Spektrum - art science community | Berlin - 04.05.17